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The Negatives of Business Debt

If you have your own business, chances are you have poured all of your energy and resources into getting it started, watching its slow but regular growth, and you are now poised to push it to the next level of profit and success. In the process of getting it to this point, however, you have incurred a great deal of debt which you are now paying off. Unfortunately, the debt payments are preventing you from that marketing campaign, that additional warehouse, or those additional employees that you need to really take off. You are looking at a lengthy time of stagnation until the debt is paid. Bill consolidation can help your business take shape for the future, if you do it now and do it correctly.

The Process of Consolidation

Because you have a business that is earning some profit, you are in a better position for bill consolidation than most individuals who have too much debt. You have collateral and a history. Bill consolidation simply means that you are acting smarter now in order to see your business grow further. Most lenders “get” this, and many will be open to discussing consolidation with you if you have the following:
  1. A solid business plan which outlines your goals for the future. As well, your financials from the beginning of the business will be required. Any lender wants to see where you have been, how realistic your goals are, and what collateral you can bring to the table.
  2. A complete listing of all assets and debt. A figure in mind of what you would like your consolidation payment to be, so that you have leftover money to begin the expansion you plan.
  3. An enthusiastic attitude and an excitement for your business.

Finding That Consolidation Loan

Using a business debt consolidation company is another option. There will be fees for this service, but there are reputable firms out there who will work with you. Again, you will need to provide a complete financial history of your business and your plan for its growth which is reasonable and detailed. The company is going to find you a loan, and it must have every bit of information necessary to secure the best deal for you. Check their references carefully and ask what national organizations they belong to. A reputable firm will be happy to provide these. For additional fees, these firms usually will assist in the development of business plans and provide suggestions as you go forward. Remember, these are professionals who do this for a living. Take their advice – you paid for it.

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