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Stopping the Calls

Did you know that even if you owe a debt to a collection agency, there is a certain way that the agency must go about contacting you? If you’ve been receiving incessant calls or angry messages from a collection agency, you may be entitled to receive money from them. And, if you have not been able to pay the debt for any reason, you can write a letter to the agency explaining your situation and requesting that arrangements be made. Here’s how to get started.

Factors to Include

If you have recently lost a job, incurred a large financial responsibility, or been unable to work due to an illness or disability, these things can greatly affect your ability to satisfy a debt. However, the collection agencies will not know this unless you tell them. Communicating with your creditors is one of the best ways to make sure that your credit stays intact. Often, creditors assume that you have no intention of paying your debt when you do not return calls or notices informing you of the debt you owe. So, if you speak with a representative about your financial situation and ask about alternatives, it is likely that that irritating calls will stop.

You may also want to include things like a request to lower the interest rate for a little while as you’re trying to get yourself back on track financially as well. Talk with a credit counselor, even after you send your letter off, to find out how you can organize your finances in order to pay the debt off sooner. And, make sure that you are able to get something in writing from the credit card company stating the new arrangements that have been made, so that you can keep up with your end of the bargain and make sure that your financial promises are kept.

More Information

When you write a letter to the debt collection agency, make sure that you make it known that you are prepared to take legal action if you continue to get calls from the company after the agreement is made. This will most likely stop the calls and harassing letters quickly, but you should be sure that you can provide proof of these items should you have to take the case further. Start now. The sooner you get going the sooner you will have some relief.

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