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What are my rights as a debtor?

You have the right not be harassed just because you find yourself in a financial situation where you can't make a bill on time. The collection agencies are governed by law and cannot do any of the following.
  • Call your home before 8:00am or after 9:00pm at night
  • Call you at your place of business or office line.
  • Contact family members
  • Speak to you in an abusive way; harass you in any manner
  • Make false statements of lie to you about your account state or threaten or add new unauthorized charges

What can I do if they don't comply?

If and often when the collection agencies fail to abide by these laws, you need to get active. Tell them to stop harassing you. Inform them that they are in violation of the law. When all fails and the credit harassment continues, contact your local State Attorneys office or Better Business Bureau and file a formal complaint with them. Under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, you may also request that you acknowledge the outstanding collection account. If this is done in writing they will only legally be able to contact you in any manner to inform you that the collection agency is going to sue you or if the collection account has been settled or dropped. A credit specialist can assist you if you don't know where else to turn.

Tricks and Ploys Used by Collection Agencies

Collection agencies do not make their money by being bad at what they do. They will find ways to bend, steer around, and mislead you in an effort to settle that outstanding debt right than and there, regardless of whether you actually have the money. They may insist on a credit card payment, ask you to spill the your credit history and financial situation is not their concern, closing that account is. Some collection agencies will maintain that you must pay via a tele-check, giving the collection agency access to your checking account! If you can't pay you simply cannot pay, while going along with any of these ploys above may get you off the phone and is sure to please the collection agency, none will move you any closer to getting out of debt.

Final word on Credit Harassment

Knowing your rights as outlined here is the first step to being free from the endless phone calls and harassment. Make the collection agencies follow the law and if not fight back. If you need help,contact a credit specialist.

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