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Getting a Totally Free Credit Report and Scores

The real truth is that most online websites claiming to offer a free credit report either give you the credit report for free, but then charge you to see the credit scores (with is why you are really there in the first place) OR they give you the credit report and scores for "free", but then make you enroll in their credit monitoring service for a monthly fee. Now, many of you have heard that you can get 1 free annual credit report per year as outlined by a recent law that went into effect. This is TRUE, but the credit companies don't have to give you your credit scores for free.

Improving Your Credit

Now that you have your credit report and scores, you may want to improve your credit or repair your credit. Maybe, you have noticed inaccurate data on your credit report, or even worse, noticed that someone stole your identity. Don't worry, everything that a costly credit repair kit or advisor can do, you can do yourself!

Credit Repair : Challenge Everything

Here are the rules of the game with your credit report. If a credit bureau receives a request from you to re-investigate an item on your credit report in writing, they MUST try to contact the company that put the blemish on your credit report in the first place. If the credit bureau can not reach the company, they must remove the item from your credit report.

So, the basic strategy for credit repair is:
  1. Get your credit report
  2. Make a list of the items that you determine to be even borderline questionable
  3. Write a dispute letter to the credit bureaus.
  4. Send the letter to all the credit bureaus by certified mail:

    Equifax, Inc.
    P.O. Box 740241
    Atlanta, GA 30374

    P.O. Box 2104
    Allen, Texas 75013-2104

    Trans Union Corporation
    Consumer Disclosure Center
    2 Baldwin Place
    P.O. Box 1000
    Chester, PA 19022

  5. Re-evaluate your credit report 60 days later. The credit bureaus have 45 days
  6. Send another round of dispute letters with a different reason for the dispute. You will need to change the reasons, so that the credit bureaus have something new to investigate. The reasons could include:

    - This is not my account
    - I wasn't late that month
    - The amount was incorrect
    - The account number was incorrect
    - The original creditor was incorrect
    - The date of last activity was incorrect
    - The balance was incorrect
    - The credit limit was incorrect
    - The status was incorrect
    - The high credit was incorrect

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