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Credit repair and credit bureaus

Credit bureaus are dependent on lenders and other financial institutions to get the latest information on debts cleared by debtors and bills that have been paid. The three main crediting bureaus prepare these reports on the basis of the payment history of debtors. But since these reports are not updated regularly there are chances that there can be some delay in the latest payments being reflected in the reports. Also the failure of lenders to inform about debts paid and similar factors can result in the bureaus not being able to make these rectifications. There can be manual errors on these reports also due to mistakes of the people who make these reports. If these mistakes are analyzed on time then the credit scores can be repaired.

How to check your credit report

The credit report can be checked online. These reports are also available for free from the three credit reporting bureaus. These reports are provided once a year. But by requesting these reports at different durations can enable debtors to get at least on report, every 4 months. This can keep them more updated about their credit status and also check the latest changes which have been made to the credit reports. The online means are the fastest way to check your credit reports and can be done at anytime. The processing time for the same can vary if the reports are not updated.

Approaching the credit bureaus

The credit bureaus can be approached in different ways depending upon the errors found on the credit report. These errors should always be disputed by debtors. A letter informing the bureau about these errors, along with a copy of the payments made and the report itself should be sent to the bureau office. This can be done via mail or online also. Most websites of credit bureaus have provisions for registering disputes.

Repair your credit

Once a letter has been sent to the bureau about the dispute and errors in the credit reports, the debtors should receive a response from them in a week’s time. The credit bureaus are supposed to send the corrected report, for free, to the debtors as per the federal laws for credit bureaus. The corrected report should be rechecked by the debtors to ensure the mistake has not been repeated. In cases where the corrected reports are not received within 30 days, debtors can file a case against them and claim damage compensation.

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