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Get your free credit report

Getting your credit report is an easy task. The FCRA or the Fair credit reporting act has made it mandatory for all three crediting bureaus to give at one free credit report to all American citizens. This free credit report is usually given once in every 12 months. This means that you can get three credit reports from the credit reporting bureaus. It is suggested that instead of talking all three reports at the same time, these can be taken over intervals. Most people try and avail these credit reports over different time spans so that they can avail at least one report, in every 4 months. This helps to be more updated about your credit reports.

How does the free credit report help you?

There are many ways in which credit reports help prospective borrowers or debtors. The main advantages of these free credit reports are that they come for free and there are no charges for the same. The other advantages include-

a) Checking the errors of credit reports

One of the biggest advantages of getting free credit reports are that they help you to check on all errors or misinformation on your credit report. These include errors on behalf of the credit reporting agencies. Also there are instances when the creditors do not inform credit bureaus about the debts which have been cleared by debtors and hence they reflect poorly on credit reports.

b) Analyze your creditworthiness

All borrowers and debtors can analyze their creditworthiness through these free reports. These free reports provide the details of the payment history of debtors and also their previous and current payments. If the report reflects poorly on your payment histories then your creditworthiness is also reflected the same way. This also means that the chances of getting low interest loans and other financial benefits are minimal.

c) Get your credit scores

Although the credit reports are provided for free the credit scores are not. The credit scores have to be usually availed through separate payments. But credit scores should always be applied along with the free report because it helps you to understand why the credit scores are good or bad. These credit scores are also the basis of getting financial aids and tools. These credit scores are computed with the use of credit reports and hence comparing the both can minimize the chances of errors on your reports. This will also help you to improve your credit scores before applying for any loan or mortgage.

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