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Follow these 5 steps to Debt Relief today

You know debt, we all do. It is a facet of our daily lives and keeps many a person up at night. You don't have to be a debt victim, learn how to keep your head above the water and never fall into the cycle of debt for life. It's easy, you can do it.

debt freedomStep #1: Spend Less

Ok, this one should be obvious and is the last thing people like to hear, but it is the most critical and least followed step to debt relief. If you spend more than you make you are in debt and sinking, even if it doesn't feel like it yet. It's simple math, spend less and spend more carefully.

Step #2: Debt: the good, the bad, and the ridiculous

Not all debt was created equal, it's a fact. Look at your bills, credit cards and so on and find out the interest rate you are paying. Good debt, the necessary type that you will have to take on at some point in your life falls below 10% and is ok to have if you manage it. Mark all those debts you have below 10% with a check mark and keep them for now. Bad debt is anything over that 10% on any type of credit line you are carrying. Underline those ones in red and start looking at loan consolidation options or paying them off completely if you can. Get rid of them, they will come back to haunt you. Finally anything in the 30% and up range- yes they exist especially if you have poor credit- is ridiculous. Rip up that department store card and send a check to pay it off today. Sell off something of value if you have to, just get rid of that ridiculous interest payment. Now.

Step #3: Lighten your card load

Pick a credit card, not based on the picture or the cute kittens on it, but solely on interest rate, the lower the better and keep it. Maybe one more just to be safe. The rest cut up and trash them.

Step #4: Never hurts to ask

Remember just because the credit companies are loaning you money, they are making it too, you are still the customer in this relationship. Call up your creditors and demand a lower interest rate or tell them you are walking away. Be nice about but be firm. Tell them you are getting offers that beat their interest rates and would like them to match or beat those offers. Customer loyalty is a good angle to work and put on your best bargaining shoes and start talking. You will be surprised to find out your credit card lender would rather lower an interest rate than lose you all together.

Step #5: Make some friends

The internet is loaded these days with message boards full of people just like you with the same problems. Get on a board and talk to these people, exchange ideas, tricks and information to live debt free now.

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