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Understanding Money

Money is always in flux. It is a lucrative term and can reduce you to a pauper or a King in no time. Being debt free requires you to properly understand the concept, value and importance of money. You need to understand how credit and money works for you. This knowledge will help you use credit wisely and can also help you make the right decisions for you. You need to have a clear understanding about debt. It is alright to be in a little debt. But it is imperative to realize your limit and tailor your debt accordingly.

Priority debt

Choose your debt! Be wise and always incur debts for important priority bills. This may include paying academic school fees, paying your electricity and phone bills, paying your furniture installments. But always ensure that priority debt is paid off quickly. In order to do this, make a plan which will outline monthly payments. The end result should be that even though you may suffer for a few months, you pay your debt.


Always budget your monthly spending sprees. Do not give in to temptation and end up spending more than you can afford. Shop according to your means. Another added point holds for credit cards. Cut them up – destroy them or simply reduce the number of cards you own. Always pay in cash and seldom use the card. When you do use a card, pay off the amount immediately and do not keep it for later.

Choose debt loans wisely

Even when going in for a loan to cover your existing debts, choose wisely. Do not be in a hurry to commit yourself to a debt loan plan which is unsuitable for you. Do you want a debt consolidation loan, debt management loan or, do you want to go in for debt settlement or debt negotiation? Always go in for loan amounts which offer you reduced single monthly payments at low interest rates.

A life-long process

The process of managing your finances should be a life-long affair and should not only last during the time of debt repayment. It is important to remember to be financially afloat all time round. Small loans can become moderate debt and turn into large debt. Soon, you are faced with numerous debts. At this point, engage the services of a financial advisor to help you get rid of your debt and be debt-free forever.

Being debt—free requires you to be alert to your own affordability. You should always cut your coat according to your cloth.

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