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Maintain A Debt Free Status

To remain debt free is difficult. Today impatience can be a big problem. Credit makes it so easy to get what you want right now and pay later. With cash payment you first have to save, but this is the best option. Educating yourself in financial matters will help you make careful financial decisions. Things you can do to stay debt free are to take public transport to work to save for a car or anything else you might need or want.

Choices, Choices, Choices!

Lots of financial options are available. Finding a good financial advisor is the first step in making sound financial decisions. This helps to remain debt free for a lifetime. Available options are a savings plan, investments, and various insurances.

The three mentioned options will help with reaching goals. A savings plan will teach you that the wait is worth it. Investments will make your money work for you, and insurance coverage will help keep you out of debt such as if you become disabled in some way and you can’t work anymore.

No More Debt

It is important to stay debt free because having large amounts of debt will only add unnecessary stress. The repayment of an item purchased on credit can add up to 300% more than the original price. It is easy to lose control of spending and end up in financial trouble.

Good Debt vs. Bad Debt

Yes, there is good and bad debt. Examples of bad debts are department store accounts, a Best Buy account or even Lowes hardware. Good debt can be a home loan. To distinguish if it is good or bad debt, you have to ask yourself if it can increase in value.

Don’t Do It

Never buy on credit unless it is a house you are buying. Debt acts like a disease. Before you know it, it takes hold of you and won’t let go. Debt will deplete your funds and leave you gasping for air (financial).

Cash Is King

At all cost, cash must be paid. Cash will rarely give you stress, unless it is mismanaged. Debt always gives stress and can ruin your financial life and those you love. Debt is linked to things like the inflation rate. If the inflation rate goes up, so does your repayments. Still think it is worth it? With careful financial decisions it will be possible to ensure a debt free life. Financial education and sound financial choices is the key to a debt free life. So make your choice now.

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